Fallguy Audio PRIO

Automatic routing of audio signals

Audio PRIO Box
Audio PRIO Box

The Fallguy Audio PRIO 2 Inputs Box (Article No.0157) can be connected to two audio sources. The first audio source is treated prioritized. If a signal is played back on this input, any signal present on the second input will fade out and fade in after the first signal has been played. All inputs and outputs have line levels. The input signals can be adjusted via two volume potentiometers.

Audio PRIO Box

Technical data can be found in the data sheets in the download area →

Technical specifications – Fallguy Audio PRIO

  • Audio input 1 (2x Cinch, Stereo – L/R) – Line-level – prioritized input
  • Audio input 2 (2x Cinch, Stereo – L/R) – Line-level
  • Audio output (2x Cinch, Stereo – L/R) – Line-level
  • Power supply: barrel connector 2,1mm, 6-12V DC
  • Current consumption: approx. 15mA at 12V DC
  • Measurements: 132x72x31mm (LxWxH)