Range of applications

As integrated modules or as independent audio players, the embedded MP3 modules from LOETRONIC work reliably in the following exemplary applications:

Embedded MP3-Module
Music jukebox in the gastronomy
Listening Point at museum
Audio player for artistic applications
Audio info terminal in public or tourist places
Listening point for music and audio books (POS)
Background music player in malls and hotels (functional background music)
Listening point for promotion at POS
Automatic announcments in lifts
Player for sound atmospheres in wellness areas
Player for sound effects in amusement parks
Player for sound effects on stage
Multichannel audioplayer in themeparks
Emergency announcement devices in hotels and public areas (ELA)
Player for jingles and announcements for broadcast
Automatic announcement device in traffic vehicles
Station and position announcements in buses and trains
Position announcements on ships and aircraft
Position announcements in gondola cabins
Announcements in roller coasters
Radio traffic recording system in Formula 1 vehicles
Recording system for call center trainer systems
Emergency announcement devices in factory halls
Audio support of devices and machines
Speech module for cash register systems

Talk to LOETRONIC, if you have any questions about a specific application!